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Jaure, founded in 1958 is located in Zizurkil, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

JAURE Gear Couplings

The "MT" range of crowned tooth gear couplings meet AGMA standards and are interchangeable with any other AGMA
gear coupling. Various configurations such as telescopic, with power tube, with brake disc can be supplied.

Metallic Disc Couplings

We supply "completely maintenance free" metallic disc couplings from JAURE. These couplings are backlash free and
therefore lend themselves to applications involving precise angular velocities and positioning (e.g. printing presses and pump drives in the petrochemical industry - the latter available to meet API certified standards).

Other All Metal Couplings

Also available are Barrel couplings typically used to connect the output shaft of a gearbox to the rope drum of a crane hoist. Metal Spring or Grid couplings whose relatively small dimensions offer weight and inertia advantages for a given torque requirement can be offered for a large torque range.